Hoilund similar style to Haaland.

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Sturm Graz coach Christian Ilzer, former boss of Atalanta striker Rasmus Hoilund has suggested that his former teammates resemble Erling Haaland. Manchester City is ready to suggest staying with the same football club for another year.

The Denmark international has enjoyed a not-so-bad first year at the club. Scoring 16 goals and providing seven assists in 42 appearances across all competitions, leading to reports that both Manchester United and Bayern are missing. Wanik wants to join the team. His former boss Ilzer praised Hoilund for having a similar playing style to Haaland. But advised Atalanta to stay for another year to improve further.

“Heilund has an amazing idea and the way he plays is ready for a top club.” Ilzer told Calcio Napoli. I can say that both his speed and mentality can play against Napoli and can replace Osimen. What a Nigerian striker does is crazy and easy to replace. But against Hoilund maybe have a chance”UFABET.

“Manchester United, Bayern Munich were interested in him. But I would advise him to stay at Atalanta for another year. So that he can grow up and then go play for big teams in Europe.

“For his way of playing and his strength on the pitch. I see him as being more similar to Haaland than Osimhen. He copes well under pressure. The more people watching, the more he’s energized. Napoli is a club built for him. And whoever gets Hoilund will get that too.”