That will make Slot successful with the team in the future.

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That will make Slot successful with the team in the future.

  • Arne Slot takes over as Liverpool manager from Jurgen Klopp.
  • The Reds during Klopp’s era set very high standards.
  • Club legend Fowler says new manager must understand club culture

Former Reds legend Robbie Fowler has revealed to Arne Slot that he can successful at his old club. If he understands the nature of ” Liverpool “

In an interview with Crypto Casino, โปรโมชั่น ufabet the former legend said: “When Zinedine Zidane left, Real Madrid were not looking for a young, up-and-coming manager. But they are looking for an experienced manager like Carlo Ancelotti.”

Experience and knowledge can really help the club make changes.

But as long as the new manager comes in and has good character. Able to understand clubs, fans and team culture. That will make the transition easier.”

“I think for this club it doesn’t matter whether the replacement is experienced or inexperienced. But it depends more on the passion of the manager. That’s what Liverpool is. We saw throughout Klopp’s tenure how much energy and drive he had to work.

“If Arne Slot comes in and creates the right environment for the players in the team. He will have the support of all the fans,” Robbie Fowler said.