Zinchenko leader of charity games builds schools in Ukraine.

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Arsenal defender Oleksandr Zinchenko will lead a charity football match. Four Ukraine Games on August 5 to bring income to help people, nourish education in Ukraine effects of war.

The Gunners’ official website states that in this all-star, former player and celebrity match. ‘Alex’ will captain the Gunners. ‘Team Zinchenko’ managed by former Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

The ‘Shevchenko team’ of legendary striker Andrei Shevchenko. Managed by Chelsea Women’s head coach Emma Hayes, took place at Stamford Bridge. UFABET 

The main intention of this charity game is to renovate the school. Mikhaylo-Kotsiubinski Lyceum in Kiev, Ukraine after being destroyed by a missile.

“It’s very different when you see the real place with your own eyes. Compared to watching it on a mobile phone or social media.”

Zinchenko said. 

“Honestly, it’s very pitiful. Because you will realize that the next generation of children had to grow up in that condition.”

“In addition to raising money and giving a powerful message to the world that we are united. This is an event that takes us a little out of the smoke of war. WATCH AMAZING GAMES WITH TOP LEGENDS Including the current players to draw patterns.

“I received a lot of love and help. I saw it with my own eyes that I didn’t do this alone.”

“There were children who came to me and said to pray for our nation. Hopefully the war will end as soon as possible.”  

“The more I hear the youngsters say that. It shows once again that many people are on your side.”

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces last year. More than 2,700 educational institutions have been damaged. Classified as more than 1,200 schools, 200 of which were completely destroyed. As a result, more than 1.5 million students in Ukraine are required to study by distance.